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Services we offer~


01 Screen Printing


A process of applying your images or words to a garment using ink. Please call if you are interested in prices and would like a quote. Tee shirts and sweatshirts are available through our online catalog link.

02 Custom Embroidery


We offer custom embroidery to our customers. Whether you need corporate logos on uniforms, hats, or monogramming and personalization we can stitch something up for you! Please see our online catalog link to view some of the product lines that are available. Please email or call for a consultation & quote.

03 LongArm Quilting

Machine Quilting is a form of art using a quilt top, batting and backing. All layers are taken separately and loaded onto a large frame with a Long-arm sewing machine. Various stitched designs can then be sewn to attach all three layers.  This process not only secures the layers, but it is used to enhance the pieced quilt top. Machine quilting adds definition, design and motion.


 Long-Arm Quilting-

1. Large Overall Free-Motion Designs- L x W x $.015 per square inch. 

  • Puzzle Meander

  • Ribbon Meander

  • Loop Meander - plain, or add stars, hearts, leaves or flowers

  • Peacock Meander

  • Swirls – plain or with center loops, arches

  • Tendril Swirl Meander


2. Semi -Custom- L x W x $.025 per square inch.

  • More than one design used on your top.

  • Numerous starts & stops

  • Fancier Overall free-motion – Feather meanders


3. Custom- L x W x $.035 per square inch.

  • Heavy Quilting, background fillers, straight stitch quilting.

  • Heirloom feather design

Quilt Preparation –


1. Please check for loose threads, holes and possible mistakes. Too much fullness is hard to quilt in. Extremely wavy borders do not load properly on the frame. Please check for fullness and correct if necessary. These will be mounted on my frame individually.

2. Pressing, re-stitching loose seams, piecing or any other labor will be charged at $15.00 per hour with a 1 hour minimum.

3. Squaring Tops - Before adding borders, measure top through the center. Use that measurement to cut both side borders of equal lengths. Pin and sew. Measure again through the center, including newly sewn borders, cut top and bottom borders in equal lengths. Pin and sew.

4. Backings -  Cut the length of material the width of the quilt top, plus 6”. Cut enough pieces the same length to equal quilt length plus at least 6”. Put right sides together, selvage to selvage & sew a 1/2” seam. Cut off selvage from seam and press open. Repeat for each piece needed. Leave selvages on outside edges. Leaving the selvages on top and bottom helps to keep the back square. Completed backs should measure at least 6” longer and wider than the top.

5. Battings – batting material must be at least 6” wider and 6” longer than the quilt top.



Bindings - Price per running inch. Length x 2 + width x 2


1. Machine Binding (sewn top & bottom) .15 per inch.


2. Hand Binding (Machine on top, hand on back) .25 per inch.



Minimum quilting charge is $35.00. Premium cotton thread is included in prices. Measure your quilt top – length x width then multiply by the corresponding price above. If you would like to purchase batting from us, we offer “Quilter's Dream” cotton and poly batting in queen-size for $25.00, shipping & tax extra. Pressing, re-stitching loose seams, piecing or any other labor will be charged at $15.00 per hour with a 1 hour minimum. Shipment of your completed quilt top will be set rate of $17.50 to anywhere in the continental US. Please download and print off our customer worksheet to include with your quilt top. Payment can be made by Paypal or money order. If you are a resident of NYS please add 8% sales tax.

04 Commissioned Memory Quilts

These are custom jobs, please call for a consultation & quote. 


1. Photo Quilts – Photos transferred to fabric, then sewn into a quilt top. Price will include all aspects of the job from start to finish. Price will depend on various options. Please call to discuss all the possibilities.

2. Tee shirt quilt- “Random” style or sashing style…depending on your style and the quantity of tee shirts you have, we have a style perfect for you. Price will include all aspect of the job from start to finish including the quilting and binding. All you supply are the tee shirts.

3. Embroidered wall-hangings– Do you have an important event coming up and would like to commemorate it? Give us a call and let us custom design a wall-hanging for your special occasion. Whether it is an anniversary, wedding, retirement or the birth of a baby or even something else….together we can build a heirloom you can treasure forever.

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